Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And the Sides Have It

Tissues, cough drops, Alka Seltzer Cold and Nyquil. While these items aren't typically on a Thanksgiving grocery list, they were at the top of ours last year.

We had made plans to have family over and cook a full Thanksgiving meal, but when my husband got sick we called everything off since it was clear he wouldn't be better in time. We talked about going out to eat, we considered cooking something non-traditional and easy, then we realized that both of these options would leave us in the worst situation possible on the day after Thanksgiving: no mashed potatoes, no stuffing, no leftovers. It was then that we agreed that the best left overs, the ones we'd really miss, are the sides!

Since I love to cook and hadn't had the chance to do much of it while I was in school, I decided to make a few of our own traditional side dishes and try a couple of new recipes.

We had a relaxing day watching the Macy*s Thanksgiving parade, listening to holiday music, making a lot of dirty dishes, and slowly working through the recipes I've shared above. We didn't actually sit down to eat until some time after 7pm, but the meal was fantastic and my husband agreed, well worth the wait. We didn't even miss the turkey - who knew.

If you're interested: The History of Thanksgiving